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According to Einhard, Charlemagne was in good health until the final four years of his life, when he often suffered from fevers and acquired a.

What grief can crown this grief?

Even though he may believe that this was his destiny, he takes responsibility for fulfilling it. Oedipus has no trouble seeing the error of his ways. Although Oedipus takes responsibility, he is not the only person to blame. Over all, the blame could altimetry fall on Jocasta and Laius.


They were warned that their child was going to have such a future when Oedipus was very little, but instead of having Oedipus killed and actually seeing the proof, they carelessly had the baby pinned on a mountain. Jocasta and Laius never actually made sure that Oedipus was killed. That life is governed by something other than himself.

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Instead, Sophocles leaves the argument of fate versus free will open for more interpretations. Oedipus is responsible for his own down fall. Fate and free will are two completely different ideas that Sophocles is some how able to put into one in this play. As a writer he leaves it up to the reader to interpret the difference between free will and fate.

Oedipus Rex: Blinded by Fate

Oedipus is given many chances to make choices, but do to his stubbornness, he is the one who leads to his own down fall. Home Papers Fate vs.

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  • Free Will Oedipus Rex. Want to know the price of your unique Paper? Get a Price. Having his life predetemined by fate leaves little space for free will to intervene to change that.

    Oedipus Rex by Sophocles - Summary & Analysis

    Discovering he is the killer, Oedipus blinds himself and is exiled from Thebes. World Literature. Sign in. Get started.

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    Oedipus: The Tragedy of Fate. Megan Follow. World Literature Literary criticism and theory. Voices and visions that have contributed to human culture, from ancient epics to postmodern parodies.

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