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According to Einhard, Charlemagne was in good health until the final four years of his life, when he often suffered from fevers and acquired a.

Professional Massage Therapist Cover Letter Sample & Writing Guide

I would like to apply for the same. It would give me immense pleasure to work in such a classy and esteemed spa as yours. I have been a customer at your spa and have received treatment from your staff.

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The satisfaction I have derived from your treatment is unprecedented in the entire state. Thus explains the success rate of your work.

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I aspire to work under your guidance and explore more of the massaging field and widen my scope of learning the different types of massages and being of service to people. I have specialized in deep tissue massage and shiatsu. I had even traveled to Japan to undergo a workshop teaching effective points in Shiatsu. Furthermore, I have performed the stone massage, Swedish massage, Thai massage and ayurvedic massage.

I have been a massage therapist for four years now and have had numerous satisfied clients. I treat my clients with patience and utmost care. I think I am fit for the job and guarantee that being a novice I can bring in considerable income flow. I wish to discuss with you more on these lines and I hope to work in your esteemed foundation if we could schedule a personal interview.

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  4. I will provide the necessary proof documents on request. I have no preconceived notions about going through a probation period and will be obliged to come by and give a few trial massages. Please do not hesitate to give me a call. Hardy, With response to your advertisement in "Times Now", dated January 16, , I am applying for the position of a massage therapist in your hotel. I have good knowledge of handling the backpain, stress related situations, headaches, post surgical rehabilitation, respiratory problems, strain injury, and inflammatory conditions effectively.

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    I have completed my Bachelor's degree in Arts and also completed a certificate course in massage therapy. I have worked both as a seasoned massage therapist and regular massage therapist. I have handled major roles as a massage therapist such as treating injured patients with the reputed healing methods, handling reflexology, bodywork, and shiatsu, proposing a treatment plan for the clients, educating the clients on improving their posture, teaching the clients about strengthening, stretching, and rehabilitative exercises, and preparing massage oils and applying them to the clients.

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    I am confident that my profile will surely meet all your expectations and will allow me to give my exceptional contribution. I am an accredited Massage Therapist, and know I would be a perfect match for this role at your practice. As an experienced Massage Therapist, I know the importance of being able to apply the right kind of massage science to the specific client, as well as staying up to date on the latest in massage practice and technique. In this position, I practiced a number of simple to intensive massage therapies to include: full body, deep tissue, hot stone, and sports massage. I wish to bring your clients the same peaceful atmosphere I have been able to share in the past.

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    My services are available to accommodate both a varied schedule and multiple locations, including site visits as necessary. Environment is an important part of the massage process and I seek to adapt my work to the individualized needs of each person. I am eager to hear from you and to have a conversation about my skills and how they can best suit the needs of Healing Hands.

    Thank you for taking my application into consideration. Best Action Verbs for a Massage Therapist Cover Letter The professional massage therapist cover letter sample uses words such as collaborated, supported, strengthened, demonstrated, provided, educated, individualized, and adapted to help you demonstrate your active role in improving health and wellness for clients. Sincerely, John Doe.