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According to Einhard, Charlemagne was in good health until the final four years of his life, when he often suffered from fevers and acquired a.

Visit Thesis. In fact, I can not go a single day without browsing the web and seeing a site running on thesis. It is unbelievable. You have probably encountered many blogs or sites that are using thesis and possibly recognized their similar appearances.

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At the same time, you may have also seeing many sites that were using this framework and you had no idea. But what actually is Thesis? I guess you could call Thesis a WordPress Theme, however, it is much more then that. The Thesis Admin Panel is what makes this platform truly stand out in my opinion. Sure many themes out there let you customize your twitter account or upload a logo for your header, but Thesis is different.

This powerful platform will allow you to make tons of adjustments from including pages in the navigation bar to selecting a custom CSS style-sheet. You will have the power to customize your site completely, right through your WordPress administration area. The admin panel makes it really easy for bloggers that do not want to get their hands dirty with any code but still want to do some basic editing to their website design and make customizations to their on-page Search Engine Optimization.

Here is a quick screenshot of one of the admin setting pages so you can see more or less what they look like. The control panel is really clean and makes use of drop down containers so everything is nicely organized and you can find what you need without having to scroll down forever. As mentioned earlier, one of the best things about the DYI Thesis Theme is the ability to customize the look and function of your site via theme control panel which is easy to use and very intuitive.

There are many places where you can find Thesis skins and they are available both for free and for purchase. And it is also a great for web designers who are looking to use the Thesis Framework for all their clients. While any theme or site can be edited for Search Engine Optimization many are not optimized to start with. But what if you could have your SEO built into your theme? This would make everything run more smoothly with cleaner code and it will make it much easier for you to make overall SEO changes to your site.

Plus, Thesis is already very SEO-Friendly right out-of-the-box, so you can install it and feel comfortable that your site will be indexed. You must remember that simply by installing Thesis on your site you will not automatically rank number 1 on Google, rather the framework provides a very good base and clean code to help make your SEO efforts easier and possibly more successful.

This is a px by px size can be changed advertisement block that is by default on the top of the sidebar and it will allow you to rotate between different media images, video, adsense. So what? A rotating media box.

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Also, the forums can be fairly technical when you ask questions but the tutorials are very well written and go through the basics. Examples: Life: Besprinkled. Why I like it: As a designer I love Genesis because it provides the perfect jumping off place for me. I can choose a child theme to give me a framework. And then I can go in an decorate or even move the walls around and change the framework.

I know that the structure is still sound. It gives me the freedom to remodel and not worry about whether or not I just took out a structure support. The community of Genesis programmers and designers is amazing. As you can see, it was a no brainer to invite her to talk about Headway. Description of the platform: Headway is a user-friendly theme with a live visual editor and drag and drop capabilities.

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The live visual editor is a unique feature that makes this theme easy for any blogger to use, even without a designing or technical background. With options to drag your items around on a page, you can customize your site without breaking into the code. You can adjust the colors, fonts, and more with a few clicks and without CSS knowledge.

For the code-enjoying people, you can still manipulate with php, css, and html as much as you want- there are even leafs making it easy to do this. A prime example of a headway-powered site to look at is Remarkablogger. The visual editor is by far the option that clients get most excited about- and with good reason. Being able to adjust design details, drag and drop your navigation to wherever you want it to be, and ready-made leafs such as About leaf and Twitter leaf make customizing your site easy to do.

They have the best team of support I have ever seen. When I began using the theme, I was having the worst time with a task. I cannot sing praises loudly enough for this team. There is rarely a need to even start a new thread- searching the archives in the support forums finds answers to just about everything.

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There are no major cons of the Headway options. However, I do tend to hesitate on upgrading to the newest version for at least a week or two. There are so many options and great features that sometimes newer versions can be a little buggy. The easy fix to this is to be sure you download a copy of the latest stable version.

Reluctant Renovator. I have worked with countless themes for WordPress, both free and premium, on the back end, and partnered with many designers. Through these projects, one of the most user-friendly themes I have come across is the Headway theme. Having been a Thesis fanatic for quite some time, it took me awhile to give it a try. Through working with over a hundred people to successfully transfer their blogs to WordPress, a top complaint is not being able to alter anything on their site after it is designed.

With Headway, users can easily make adjustments without having to code or hire someone for each teeny change. In addition, the top notch SEO settings eliminate the need for any of the heavy plugins that can slow down your site. Where to buy: Purchase Headway here: Headway Themes. I hope this post helped you wrap your head around three of the most talked about WP frameworks: Thesis, Genesis and Headway.

Feel free to post any questions in the comments and be sure to follow thaunak and porchswingmom on Twitter! Jump start your biz productivity with my free worksheet! I have worked in Genesis to help out some other bloggers. For example, I helped a couple bloggers who — without knowing — changed the layouts of a couple posts because they accidentally clicked some things in the Compose New Post view without realizing it. Thank you!

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I love how each of these are so easy to customize without massive coding knowledge. I love, love, love Thesis. I agree with everything Melissa says. It always has simple tips to help improve my site. I have to say after working with Genesis for over a year now I will not use any other theme. I know there are always people out there who like certain themes but I have to say after using Thesis once I did not like it.

Plus StudioPress Genesis also has a great theme for beginners and it is called Prose and even though it is not exactly like Thesis it still has the benefits of being able to design your site without knowing any CSS whatsoever! Thanks for mentioning Prose Angie!

I totally forgot to mention the easy of Prose. There are some pretty sweet sites designed with Prose. This was great info. I have been on Genesis since I made the move to WordPress and love it. The support forums are unbelievably helpful, even for someone who started out not knowing a lot about coding. Great article! Thanks Melissa, this was very useful.

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I am hesitant about upgrading the theme though, the latest one popped up a couple of weeks ago. If I upgrade, will it affect any part of my design? Melissa, thanks for a great post comparing all of us. I love how you brought in a different blogger for each framework. And best of all, each of you actually had experience with the framework you wrote about. Refreshing to say the least.

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Ashley, thanks for being a kick butt Headway developer and user. Love what you are doing with our product. And thanks for your very fair review of Headway. And one of the reasons I adore Headway. And yes, Ashley is surely impressive! There is so much to learn!

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I love the ease of use of the Headway theme — I especially like that it is so easy to customize the Headway WordPress theme to customize the look and feel of your site…without having to know coding, but that coding options are there for those in the know. I have also used Thesis, and a Studio Press press -Genesis theme on my own sites or on client sites. Catalyst is another notable mention which does not have a drag-and-drop layout builder, but has an excellent framework. There are even some themes on Themeforest which have awesome drag-and-drop layout builders which non-developers can really use.

Themes from ThemeBlvd and GoodLayers come to mind. So for now, I feel like I was dropped off at the factory, given the machinery and told to assemble the car myself. We recently started offering website maintenance services to our existing clients. If you are not an existing client but are interested in availing of this service, contact us to see how we can help you. Do you use Simple:Press?