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According to Einhard, Charlemagne was in good health until the final four years of his life, when he often suffered from fevers and acquired a.

Finally, the thesis is instructive with regard to the ways in which film may or may not be subversive to source texts in contemporary African societies in particular, and in modernity in general.

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I was asked why they had to read the novel when a film had already been made. Throughout this thesis, I will argue the importance of utilizing filmic adaptations within the classroom while at the same time highlighting the importance of the limitations of this medium.

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Adaptations are not mirror images of the source text. Directors, scriptwriters, producers and actors all put their own indelible mark on a film and therefore can often change the meaning, story or characters. I will also discuss a range of novels, plays and films to emphasise the importance of seeing the process of adaptation as a genre and recognising the filmic adaptation as a new text.

I will look at the intricate nature of adaptation and explore the reasons for inclusions and omissions whilst adapting a literary work.

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In the Introduction, I will look at the current situation of adaptations and how a literary work is adapted. You are required to submit a draft to the appropriate topic thread in Blackboard for peer evaluation by the start of class on Friday, September A draft is due to me on Monday, September 21, by the start of class, either in print or to the appropriate dropbox in Blackboard, and will be returned with my feedback on Monday, September 28, so please plan appropriately. Sources may be randomly checked to verify credibility and authenticity. Goals and expectations: pages typed and double-spaced, with an appropriate heading and descriptive title.

A specific and arguable thesis statement, with sufficient context to set it up. Clear and logical organization, including a strong introduction, conclusion, well-developed supporting paragraphs, and effective transitions. A minimum of six sources.

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The film adaptation and the original source count. The other sources must be academic. You may use film reviews from credible sources, however the majority of your sources should be academic. Use of specific, concrete details in each body paragraph which not only identify the specific claims and evidence you examine, but which also provide specific examples and details to show the significance of those claims and evidence. An engagement with your sources that creates a conversation about the subject and your primary and secondary sources.

Thesis Presentation: Analysis of the adaptation from Pink Floyd's album The Wall to film